Adding Child menu to current Menu structure

Hello Experts,

I have a menu I have created below. I need to add a sub menu to one of the items "menunteg". I am having problems with the syntax of adding the child menu to the parent. Can you please help me. Thanks.

Menu Collection

MenuItem menuadmin = new MenuItem();
            MenuItem menuasc = new MenuItem();
            MenuItem menucpni = new MenuItem();
            MenuItem menugu = new MenuItem();
            MenuItem menuimports = new MenuItem();
            MenuItem menuinsight = new MenuItem();
            MenuItem menunteg = new MenuItem();            
            MenuItem menunws = new MenuItem();
            MenuItem menupfo = new MenuItem();
            MenuItem menuqa = new MenuItem();
            MenuItem menuqwest = new MenuItem();
            MenuItem menureports = new MenuItem();
            MenuItem menuroamex = new MenuItem();
            MenuItem menusocial = new MenuItem();
            MenuItem menutt = new MenuItem();

            menuadmin.Text = "Admin";
            menuadmin.NavigateUrl = "~/secure/admin/default.aspx";
            menuasc.Text = "ASC";
            menuasc.NavigateUrl = "~/secure/asc/default.aspx";
            menucpni.Text = "CPNI";
            menucpni.NavigateUrl = "~/secure/cpni/default.aspx";
            menugu.Text = "GU";
            menugu.NavigateUrl = "~/secure/gu/default.aspx";
            menuimports.Text = "Imports";
            menuimports.NavigateUrl = "~/secure/imports/default.aspx";
            menuinsight.Text = "InSight";
            menuinsight.NavigateUrl = "~/secure/insight/default.aspx";
            menunteg.Text = "NTEG";
            menunteg.NavigateUrl = "~/secure/nteg/default.aspx";            
            menunws.Text = "NWS";
            menunws.NavigateUrl = "~/secure/nws/default.aspx";
            menupfo.Text = "PFO";
            menupfo.NavigateUrl = "~/secure/pfo/default.aspx";
            menuqa.Text = "QA";
            menuqa.NavigateUrl = "~/secure/qa/default.aspx";
            menuqwest.Text = "QWest";
            menuqwest.NavigateUrl = "~/secure/qwest/default.aspx";
            menureports.Text = "Reports";
            menureports.NavigateUrl = "~/secure/reports/default.aspx";
            menuroamex.Text = "RoamEx";
            menuroamex.NavigateUrl = "~/secure/roamex/default.aspx";
            menusocial.Text = "Social";
            menusocial.NavigateUrl = "~/secure/social/default.aspx";
            menutt.Text = "Trouble Tickets";
            menutt.NavigateUrl = "~/secure/tt/default.aspx";

            MenuItemCollection menucollect = new MenuItemCollection();

            return menucollect;

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Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
You just need to hold a reference to the parent item and add to its ChildItems collection:

MenuItem menu = new MenuItem("Top-Level");

menu.ChildItems.Add(new MenuItem("Child 1"));
menu.ChildItems.Add(new MenuItem("Child 2"));

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Dim item As New MenuItem
item.Text  = something

Refer below article. It gives a good explanation plus example for your reference regarding Adding Menu Items Programmatically. 
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woodjeAuthor Commented:
Carl tawn,

Thanks for the quick response. I have added your code and I now see the sub menu items but how do I set the text and the NavigateUrl?
i thought you will have that issue and that is the reason i gave that URL for further info.

ANyway hope this helps

MenuItem parentMenuItem= new MenuItem ( menuitemText, menuItemValue );
parentMenuItem.NavigateUrl = webPageUrl;
menuObject.Items.Add ( parentMenuItem);

MenuItem newItem = new MenuItem ( menuitemText, menuItemValue );
newItem.NavigateUrl = webPageUrl;
parentMenuItemObject.ChildItems.Add ( newItem );

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Carl TawnSystems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
The same way you would with a top-level item. Simply keep a hold of the reference to the new child item and set the required properties before adding it to the collection:
MenuItem menu = new MenuItem("Top-Level");
MenuItem child;

child = new MenuItem("Child 1");
child.NavigateUrl = "somewhere.aspx";

child = new MenuItem("Child 2");
child.NavigateUrl = "somewhereelse.aspx";

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better explanation and example then i provided.
woodjeAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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