Inbox is Blank in OS X

Hi, I am currently using v4.2 in Snow Leopard. I have 5 different email accounts set up. All of them are Gmail/IMAPS accounts.

3 of the accounts work fine; while two accounts act weird--In two of these accounts, *most* of the time when I click on the Inbox>MailboxName, it comes up as blank, showing no email messages at all. I can scroll down to see a list of accounts outside the inbox; open this up and see my mail in Gmail's "All Mail" folder. So, email messages are being downloaded and synced, but they just won't show up in my Inbox where they are supposed to be. This issue is intermittent--I can restart and sometimes they show up fine and then at some point they disappear again. I'm lost as to why this happens. In 3 other Gmail/SMTP accounts, with exact same options set things are working fine...
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Sometimes this happens when the mailbox cache needs to be rebuilt. Select one of the "bad" inboxes and from the Mailbox menu, choose Rebuild. It is the last option in the menu. It may take a while depending on how many messages you have. If it is still blank, right-click on the inbox in the list and choose "Synchronize..".

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Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:

Is the setting "Keep copies of messages for offline viewing:" enabled for those mailboxes.
goldylamontAuthor Commented:
OK, I did the Rebuild and this worked...for like 10 minutes I could see my Inbox messages; then it reverted back to being blank; on both accounts. This issue persists after restarting Mail app.

And, yes I have "Keep copies of messages for offline viewing:" enabled on both accounts. this isn't issue.

Any other suggestions? Is there a way to view log files for errors in the Mail app?
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If you are comfortable with terminal, you could turn on notification logging by entering:

defaults write LogNotificationActivity -bool true

Or you could use one of the many GUI programs like MacPilot to toggle the debug mode on.

One quick test is to make sure Mail is closed. Go to your ~/Library/Mail folder and find the gmail account that is experiencing the problem. Move the INBOX from that folder to someplace safe (Desktop or Documents will do) and then start Mail. Then gmail account should recreate the INBOX files.
If you do turn on logging, you can see the notifications in the system.log. Open Console (located in the Utilities Folder) and look for system.log
goldylamontAuthor Commented:
ok, i'll try both logging and recreating my Inbox files. thanks ekirchho i'll let you know what i find
goldylamontAuthor Commented:
SOLUTION FOUND! OK, I found out the solution myself and I want to post just in case anyone else has this issue. I awarded points above because these were great troubleshooting tips and a good way to rule out other common issues with Mac Mail.

My issue with these two accounts was that I had folders called "Inbox" or nested folders within "Inbox" and Apple Mail got confused. This was because I migrated from a different email system into Google Mail and uploaded all my email and folder structure for these two accounts. In my old email system when I created folders it created them as subfolders to the Inbox, so in Gmail these were showing up as Inbox/Subfolder1, Inbox/Subfolder2, etc. Once I either renamed these without the word "Inbox" or I deleted them altogether and then synced my Mail account again, everything works great!

Thanks to all who responded.
goldylamontAuthor Commented:
i resolved myself but these comments were helpful
Your diagnosis of the problem is excellent.  I've been struggling with your issues for quite a while, never considered sub-folders being the problem.   100% dead on - the internet thanks you.
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