windows 7 user desktop folder contents hidden

Desktop folder contents visible when using Explorer and navigating to c:\user\username\desktop; but contents not visible on screen.  Single monitor configuration without extended screen
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   1. Right click on a empty area of the desktop.

    2. To Show All Desktop Icons -

        A) Click on Show Desktop Icons to check it.

    3. To Hide All Desktop Icons -

        A) Click on Show Desktop Icons to uncheck it.
Is this on a desktop or laptop?  If a laptop do you have a monitor attached? Is your laptop display open - if not open it and see if you see them there. May be too simple, but try to change your display to 800x600 apply and resize to the size you prefer.
If you find the Desktop items are hidden and you like the clean desktop, but want easy access you can keep the items hidden on the desktop and add the Desktop as a toolbar.  This keeps your desktop nice and clean and all your desktop items in an alphabetical order which is accessible without minimizing all your windows plus you may have some items you don't want everyone to see on your desktop - like your password file that you might like easy access to :)
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Oh by the way to add the Desktop as a toolbar - right click on the toolbar and select Toolbars - Desktop
Try auto sorting icons!
or by name.
May be icons are outside the screen.

:D old joke... use to do that in school

B HCommented:
are you sure you're logged in as the right user?  in your case, "username"?
wscsysadminAuthor Commented:
The solution was completely correct, once the context menu had been restored.  The "Show icons..." context entry for the Desktop in the View menu was missing.  Using a restore point and rebooting restored the entry.  I suspect a corrupted registry entry associated with a utility that had been installed.
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