Nokia IP350 Newbie help

I have a Nokia IP350 which was given to me, I know a big fat nothing about these and would simply like to set it back to factory defaults, get it to configure via DHCP and have a poke arround the web interface...problem is I cannot achieve any of the above.

Does the reset switch on the front actually reset the device? if so how long does it need to be held and are there any other criteria, power it on while pressed? do I need to rub my belly while tapping my head at the same time or any such strangness?

Which network interface will it aquire DHCP from?

Do I need x-over cables or regular?

If can simply see a lease for this device in my dhcp logs I will feel like I have actually achieved something.



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Mike ThomasConsultantAsked:
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try this:
* Unplug the power cord.
* Hold the reset button on the back of the box.
* Plug in the power cord while holding the button until the pwr/sec
led is steady red.
* Leave the reset button for 3 seconds.
* Press the reset button again for 10 seconds until the pwr/sec
led starts blinking red.
* Reconfigure your box
Sorry but I have never known of the reset buttton to actually work on these hehe.

What you need is:

1.  console connection to the unit (null modem required)
2.  A copy of IPSO, the operating system, the IP350s can go up to 4.2 I am sure
3.  FTP server, like 3CDaemon

To basically reset the unit to factory default requires a login to the console, ie can log into the OS

To reset to the following:
rm /config/db/initial

This deletes the previous config but not the file system, so any check point on there will still be there

The reboot will take you into an interview script, which is self explanatory and allows you to configure an admin password, ip address on an interface and then access to the web interface, Nokia Network Voyager.

If you do not have the console password etc, then your optios is to reinstall the OS (which will require IPSO above) or try to reset the admin password, to allow you to remove the original config

So before I can elaborate on the process, can you tell us what you want to achieve fully, ie full reset/reinstall or just trying to change the admin pass and get into the unit?

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Mike ThomasConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies both,

@Pitons, I tried as you suggested but no luck i'm affraid.


1.  Aquired Null Modem Cable
2.  Just download IPSO 4.2 build 89 a03 (ipso.tgz and nkipflash-4.2.bin)
3.  3CDaemon Downloaded
4 Stuck in work for the next 8 hours :/
5 I have been logged in to the checkpoint site, so if there is anything else I might need this is a good time.

What I would like to do is simply get this running the easiest way I can so that I can just get familiar with the product, thet chap I aquired the device from has given me a possible username and password that may or may not work.

"To basically reset the unit to factory default requires a login to the console, ie can log into the OS

To reset to the following:
rm /config/db/initial

This deletes the previous config but not the file system, so any check point on there will still be there"

This would be ideal but will only be an option if the username and password I have actually works righ? if it doesn't what would the steps be to get it going?


Then a reinstall is the way ahead bud.

Break into the boot manager during boot bud, wait til you get the "press any key to enter boot manager"

When tehre, type in "install"

This will take you through a wee wizard asking for your (the Nokia IP), interface, speed and FTP server IP.

This is where 3CDAeomon comes into it.  I have found it easier to set up an FTP account with a password on 3CD and point it at the dir where the IPSO image is

Jump through the wizard hoops and download the version of IPSO to your system.  It will install and ask you to reboot.

When it comes back up, its the normal interview as above, so add a username and password, configure an interface for voyager config etc and then go play.

Note, the re installation WILL reformat the box, so all old files, binaries, CP downloads etc are gone, so you will need to get them as well.

I have attached the IPSO CLI and voyager ref guides for your info bud, all of that should do the trick
Mike ThomasConsultantAuthor Commented:
Fantastic replies/info and thank's for the docs (will get some reading done today)


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