shadowing a remote desktop session on windows server 2008

can someone please tell me how I can shadow a RDP session? I like to see what the person is doing on that seesion..
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B HConnect With a Mentor Commented:
open your terminal services manager, find the user in the list, right-click the user, remote control.
pick an escape sequence (like alt + ctrl + H) so you know how to disconnect from them

you can find it under start > administrative > terminal server > manager
TonyEFAuthor Commented:
I dont have terminal services on this server.
B HCommented:
ok allow me to back up a second...

you posted in the windows server 2008 group, and want to know how you can "shadow a RDP session".

so i need to ask... what machine are people logging into via RDP, that you want to shadow?

see, the terminal server client (physical person) uses RDP to connect to a terminal server (terminal services manager).  so if you don't have terminal services installed on that server, how are people connecting to it?

if they're connecting to a DIFFERENT server, you still can open the terminal services manager, then "connect to" the other server name, it will show the users that are logged onto that server.. and you can shadow them from the first server just the same way.

you can open the manager like this:
in server 2003:   start > run > tscc.msc
in server 2008:  start > run > tsadmin.msc
TonyEFAuthor Commented:
Found the answer my self...
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