How do I purge laserjet printer memory

We have nearly 30 HP LaserJet printers that may or may not have on-board memory.  I need to be able to "wipe" the memory of these printers before we sell them at an auction.  Nearly all printers are HP color or black/white laserjets.  
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Lucius_the  is correct about normal print jobs: they are not stored. Some printers have a hard disk or a flash memory card that can store jobs and/or templates. This is printer dependant. Most printers won't have anything on the disk even if one is installed. Wiping the disk or flash is also printer dependant.

The only things all printer will save are things like IP addresses. If you want to clear those you need to do a "cold reset". You can find instructions for that if you google your printer. If you tell us the model number we should be able to give instructions here.
Normally, the on-board memory of these printers is just RAM that the printer uses when working. When you plug it out, all the contents are gone withing a few seconds...
you are probably thinking of the really big scanner/MF/printing units, these have hard drives in them.  LaserJets do not.  Lucius_the is correct, unplug and its done
PolkCoAuthor Commented:
For the most part, the question was answered for 95% of our internal net printers.  We will look into the "leased" copiers/fax/scanner/printers.  They have internal drives.  Thank you.
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