Kaspersky Admin Kit - Cannot connect to clients or get status

I have installed the Kaspersky admin kit (8.0.2090) on my domain controller. The admin kit sees the local Kaspersky Anti-virus (KAV) install, shows the correct status and allows connection but is unable to manage any of its clients. From the admin kit I am able to find unassigned clients and perform push installs with a reboot. Once installed and rebooted the clients will remain 'shadowed' (as opoosed to having a solid color assigned to their icon) with the status 'critical -/-'. The admin kit wlll report the computers unavailable if tested. The two clients are a Windows 2008 server and a notebook with Windows 7. The two clients both have KAV installed and working. The three machines are on the same switch and have connectivity to each other including file sharing. Windows firewall is disabled on all three as is IPv6. The clients machine cannot use the admin server as an update target (they fail with a 'physical connection' error) but the updates will work if you point them to the actual folder on the admin server that contains the updates. Other services that work between the three are DNS, WINS, AD, file sharing.

Server 1 - Kaspersky Admin Server

VM Guest - Host machine is a ProLiant DL380G6 with 20Gb of RAM
Domain controller of domain <ABC>
SBS 2008 premium 64-bit (brand-new install)
Kaspersky Admin Kit
KAV for Windows Enterprise Servers

Server 2 - SQL Server - Kaspersky client

VM Guest - Host machine is a ProLiant DL380G6 with 20Gb of RAM
SQL Server 2008
Domain member of <ABC>
Windows 2008 Server standard 64 bit
KAV for windows file servers

Notebook - HP Laptop - Kaspersky client

Not a VM Guest
Domain member of <ABC>
Windows 7 Ultimate N

Any ideas?
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Roshan MohammedCloud Engineering OfficerCommented:
I am answering this question "assuming" your hypervisor is vmware esx. Can you please find out which ports (tcp/udp) and port numbers are used by the Kaspersky admin kit, Kaspersky client, and the Kaspersky client update utility. once you have these details, please check your esx firewall. you'll have to open these ports. else, if your default gateway on each of these vm's are poiting to a gateway thats also a firewall, you'll have to enable your internal firewall to allow all ports to be opened..
thebuyguyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comment - I think it is very likely that you are right. How do I access the firewall? When I look at security profile in the vSphere client the word 'firewall' flashes on briefly then disappears. On the command line side I have tried the commands
esxcfg-firewall -allowOutgoing
esxcfg-firewall -allowIncoming
but they are not recognized. I get the error
"service 'firewall' doesn't exist in the init directories"
VMWare ESXi Version 4.0.0 Build 208167
Roshan MohammedCloud Engineering OfficerCommented:
See this article here;

and see the section 5, "VMware ESXi Server’s service console (firewall) is configured differently "

by default, there are only two options available in the esxi firewall.

do you have any other router/firewall in your current setup?
thebuyguyAuthor Commented:
The three hosts in question are all on the same LAN. Two of the three are VM guests on the same ProLaint server where both NICs go into the same switch. There is no hardware firewall in-between them and all Windows firewalls have been turned off.
thebuyguyAuthor Commented:
Solution found:
Required removal of KAV admin kit, removal of SQL server, cleaning of registry and installation to new path using standard KAV ports.

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