Exchange 2010 EMC always goes to the wrong Exchange box...

We have two exchange boxes in different geographic sites and when the first one was installed everything was fine with the EMC. However, now that the second one has been installed my EMC will try to connect to the one that is thousands of miles away instead of the local one.

Even after I've right-clicked and try to select the local one and to open that one by default it will just beep and not let me do that.

Anyone know what might cause this to happen?
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HI Please do the following. It looks like the IIS Virtual Directories are messed Up. Launch the IIS 7 Manager and Open the Deafault Website and verify that Binding is  "ALL UNASSIGNED" and not a specific IP. Are you able to log in via PowerShell to local server EMS?
willlandymoreAuthor Commented:
wasn't quite the solution I had to mess with it to get it to work
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