Dell SAS 5/iR, maximum drive size & upgrading?

I have a Dell PE 860 with a SAS 5/iR controller.  The server is running W2K3.
The server has two 500GB Sata drives, Raid 1 (mirrored)

I want to upgrade the drives to 2TB.  My first question is will the SAS controller have a problem with this?  According to Dell's website it only supports up to 1TB drives.  Is this because the website just hasn't been updated or is there some issue with the SAS 5/iR and larger capacity drives?

I know I can just image the server, replace the drives and restore the image.  Could I just place a 2TB drive in place of a 500GB, wait for the mirroring to complete, then replace the other 500GB and wait for the mirroring complete then resize the partitions?

The server is used to do backups.  Currently the 1GB network speed is too slow to keep up with the tape drive.  Doing a local backup I get anywhere from 1.2GB/min - 2GB/min vs. 400-600MB/min over the network.  I want to just set up the server to back up to disk first then copy the backup to tape.

The total amount of data I need to back up is currently around 400GB.  I could use 1TB drives if the 2TB drives will not work with the SAS 5/iR.
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The SAS 5/IR supports up to 2TB Array's
So your answer is Yes you can
You must have current firmware and drive to do this.
It will work fine as long as the disks are < 2.09 TB.  I went through this same question a few months ago. Only reason dell says limit is 1TB is because that was the largest SATA drive they could ship at the time.  

The limit on a bootable Win2K3 RAID1 or even JBOD is that 2.09TB usable limit.

Please, of course, update controller firmware & drivers.


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