Ports used by OPC/DCOM

Configurations need to know that I run into a firewall for my application (application data collector OPC client) can connect from the corporate network to the network owner of DeltaV 9.3. Currently IT staff configure the IP to IP firewall with all ports open and work, for Implementing ask me to restrict the ports of policies of corporate security so requires knowing which ports to use the OPC DCOM to perform the settings or at least cripple ports that are used. Is there any way to configure dynamic ports.
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DCOM through a firewall is a dirty business and not advisable to do directly. You can check this article on how to lock it down to certain ports but you will still need to open a wide range of ports, including TCP 135 - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms809327.aspx

The best option is to use an OPC Tunneller software which will conduct everything over a single port and is far easier to administer froma firewall perspective.

Check out:

There is a decent overview here:

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