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Dear all

I have been tasked with a migration job involving transfering an existing Typo3 installation from a hosted server to a corporate server.

The source server is running Typo3 4.1, PHP4 and - apparently - mySQL 5.1.

I am in the process of setting up the new "target" machine. Should I use the same version(s) or is it possible / advisable to migrate directly to the latest Typo3 4.3, PHP 5 and mySQL 5.1 ?

Any pointer / recommendation most welcome


Alexandre TakacsCTOAsked:
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Sebastian TalmonConnect With a Mentor System Engineer Datacenter SolutionsCommented:

You could get MySQL 5.1 for Windows at http://www.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/  (comes with installer)

If you switch from Linux to Windows, you should also configure the mail-section in the typo3-installer, as the mail()-function in php for windows need to talk to an SMTP-Server that you have to specify, and could not send mail directly through local sendmail as on linux servers
Sebastian TalmonSystem Engineer Datacenter SolutionsCommented:

it is possible to migrate directly to the latest Typo3 - as a normal upgrade is also not done in the running system but by changing all php-files to the new version and run some after-update scripts with the new code.

After transfering the files + datebase to your new server, you have to adjust database connection parameters in the install-tool ( /typo3/install/ )  - this is also the place where you perform most of the version-upgrade tasks (see changelog + readme etc.)
Alexandre TakacsCTOAuthor Commented:

thanks for you help.

I have started toying around but as far as I understand the process includes exporting the mySQL database from source to dest.

It turns out that the source server is 5.1 but that the "standard" (?) windows install - my target - comes with 4.x - as such the import does not seem to work.

Am I missing something obvious ? Is there an "easy" way to get a Windows install with mySQL 5 ?

Sorry about these seemingly basic questions but I muss confess being somewhat lost.
Alexandre TakacsCTOAuthor Commented:
well doesn't give me all the answers I was looking for but eventually with some trial & error I managed to migrate my site...
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