Wireless Capture portal

can anyone tell me how to make a wireless capture portal, that can;

 - Change a single username/password combo everyday and e-mail that new password to an address
- Can handle concurrent connections for up to 150 users.

Pfsense does not do this. any other package solution you know can do the above please share your knowledge with me.
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piwowarcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Handling concurent connections istn't an issue realy. You have to implement a mesh network. Remember that normal access point divides his bandwidth to the number of uses equally. And typical 54 MB G network is a theory. You will get 22-25 MBits max. So you need a smart mesh network to support 150 concurent users and guarnatee them the bandwidth (512 k, 1M min in my opnion).

You first question is not as easy. Pfsense captive portal working with a domain via RADIUS. You can create a portal that will work with AD with vbscripting or use microsoft tool IISADMPWD hosted on IIS


It can change domain passwords via Web.

About sending passwords via email. It's quite difficult (at least I can't come with anything) cause UNIX, LINUX nad Microsoft don't store passwords in plain texts. They keep hash (mathematical formula with one way equation). So thay realy do not know the password and realy can't email it in plain text.

You could play with a database of some sort (like MySQL used for storing forum members and so on, but it's out of my knowledge and I can't help you with that). Apart from that (email) my solution should work.

Endian has a more robust captive portal than pfSense but isn't free:


I'm unsure if it supports the ability to be customized to send an daily user/pass to an email list, but that could be automated. Using pfSense, you could configure RADIUS to use a username that is update daily. A list of users and email addresses could be enumerated and notice sent out.

Can handle easily 150 users on an average machine....
Its very stable, has a web interface for management and is easily configurable
The price is by far the best on the market....
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