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Binding to a method from a DataTemplate

I have the following setup.

Case (object of type Case)
---> CaseNumber
---> GetRecipients() (returns a List<Recipient>

---> RecipientNumber
---> GetACWM()   (returns one object of type ACWM)

I have an ItemsControl that I am binding to Case (working fine), the DataTemplate for Case has an ItemsControl that I am binding to the GetRecipients() method (also working fine).  This bind is working because I set the ObjectInstance of my ObjectDataProvider (for Case) in the code behind when the case is provided.  I cannot do the same things for recipient because there are multiple recipients in a case.  So, in the recipient DataTemplate I  have an ObjectDataProvider (for Recipient).  How can I set the ObjectInstance of this ODP to the current recipient being bound?

I hope this was clear enough.
1 Solution

I'm not sure you can set the ODP instance from within your provider. However, could you not combine your providers into a  single provider and expose two properties, the recipients in one property and a property that indexes the recipients collection itself as your selected recipient?


jmwheelerAuthor Commented:
I was able to find a different way around.  I just made the recipient a separate control with a dependency property that gets set with the current instance of Recipient.  When the property is set I set other ODP's on the new Recipient Control with the recipient instance provided.

Thank you though.
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