How do you remove Magento sample data manually?

Without downloading the blank installation of Magento to overwrite the sample data installation, how do you manually remove the sample data step-by-step to get from the sample data version to the blank version MANUALLY.

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The Best and probably fastest way would be to remove your "/app/etc/local.xml file then go to your store and It will ask you to install your shop again. Just use a different database and you will have a fresh install. All settings will be cleared so you will have to re-set those.

To Remove the Sample Data (not testing data like: orders placed & customers created.) just delete all the products and categories. This is mainly the sample data that gets installed when running the install script.

I would do a fresh database install to save your self from any unnecessary side effects that could arise from trying to manually delete or revert the database. I allways use a custom module to add things like product attributes and such so that they get created automatically if I changes environments or have to do a reinstall.
Have a look at the following:

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Thanks for your answers!
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