FindControl Help! ddl inside usercontrol from another control using formview control

Hello EE!

I think I'm close to getting what I need but my code bombs and I believe my formview code is to blame and how I'm trying to locate the control I need.  On my page (lets call it page.aspx) I have two web user controls (lets call them jc.ascx and ec.ascx). In jc.ascx I have a formview control which has a _ModeChanging event. In this event I am trying to get a hold of a dropdownlist control which resides in my ec.ascx which is on the same page. However, I don't think I'm using findcontrol right to navigate to the control.

My page.aspx control structure is as follows:


    ' This is ec.ascx
      <..."ID="ClassControl1"...>    <---- Trying to find a DDL control in here (ddl control is returned through a public function)
    </... "ID="EmpClassChange"...>

    ' This is jc.ascx
      <..."ID="JobControl1"...>  <----- From a formview within here
    </... "ID="JobChange"...>


Both code attempts shown below result in a 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.' error in my _ModeChanging event.

I thought maybe this would do it... but no luck!!
Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?? I appreciate the assistance in advance.

'1st code attempt
                Dim tbContainer As AjaxControlToolkit.TabContainer = DirectCast(Parent.FindControl("TabContainer1"), AjaxControlToolkit.TabContainer)
                Dim pnl As Panel = DirectCast(tbContainer.FindControl("COS").FindControl("COSUpdatePanel").FindControl("EmpClassChange"), Panel)
                Dim ddl As DropDownList = CType(pnl.FindControl("ClassControl1"), modules_ClassControl).GetEmpClassDDL
                ddl.Enabled = False

'2nd code attempt
                'Dim ddl As DropDownList = CType(CType(Parent.FindControl("TabContainer1").FindControl("COS").FindControl("COSUpdatePanel").FindControl("EmpClassChange"), Panel).FindControl("ClassControl1"), modules_ClassControl).GetEmpClassDDL
                'ddl.Enabled = False

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Alfred A.Commented:
Try using a FindControlRecursive Function.  I provided two implementation of it.

Private Function FindControlsRecursive(ByVal controlID As String, ByVal controls As ControlCollection) As Control
        For Each c As Control In controls
            If c.ID = controlID Then
                Return c
            End If
            If c.HasControls Then
                Dim cTmp As Control = Me.FindControlsRecursive(controlID, c.Controls)
                If cTmp IsNot Nothing Then
                    Return cTmp
                End If
            End If
        Return Nothing

    End Function

    Private Function FindControlRecursive(ByVal ctrl As Control, ByVal id As String) As Control
        If ctrl.ID = id Then
            Return ctrl
        End If

        For Each ctrlChild As Control In ctrl.Controls
            Dim ctrlRecursive = FindControlRecursive(ctrlChild, id)
            If Not ctrlRecursive Is Nothing Then
                Return ctrlRecursive
            End If

        Return Nothing
    End Function

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Alfred A.Commented:
Example use of the functions above (2nd function)

Dim ddl As DropDownList = CType(FindControlRecursive(TabContainer1, "EmpClassDDL"),DropDownList)
sk1922Author Commented:
Sorry for the delay in getting back on this.  That worked well for me!!

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