Customising a Windows 7 Image

We're currently building a Windows 7 image to deploy, and upgrade our present hardware from XP
I've created syspreped image Using the Windows AIK, Sysprep and ImageX, and have managed to install required software and customise most settings on the image or by using Group Policy.

But there are a few things that won't stay in the image after sysprep

We want to change the default IE search to Google, or even better to, I can change is in the image but it's resets to bing after sysprep

We also want to disable "Ctrl+Shift" shortcut to change the keyboard layout.

Can someone please advise how I can make these changes and have them stick after sysprep
or apply them via Group policy


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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
The home page for IE is easly set via a GPO

Open Group Policy Management and open the default domain policy

Go to User Configuration->Administrative Templates->Internet Explorer Maintenance

Open important URLs and specify the home page eg
kswan_expertAuthor Commented:
Thanks KCTS,

But i'm not wanting to set the Home Page, what i want is to Set the Search Provider for IE8 as Google
Rory de LeurConsultant End-User ComputingCommented:
You need the ADMX + ADML for IE8, that will be included automatically if you download and install IE 8 on Vista/windows 7 (all apart from the Home Versions) or Windows 2008.
You will find the files (inetres.admx + inetres.adml) after IE8 installation in the Windows-Directory, sub folder "PolicyDefinitions" respectively "PolicyDefinitions\en-us" or whatever your language is.

Under accelorators you are able to set the default search provider

And to disable a specific hotkey:
kswan_expertAuthor Commented:
Hi Criple,

I Assume you're talking about the administrative templates for Group Policy?
I'v looked through them and can't find that particular entry are you able to tell me it's location in the Group Policy Editor?

Also What i'm wanting to do it disable the the specific shortcut for switching keyboard layouts not totally disabling the ctrl and shift keys.
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