PHP replace string with asterisks “*”

Is there a quick and easy way to replace every letter of a word with an asterisk “*”

For example  
word -->becomes ****
longer becomes ******
verylongword beomes ************

Thanks in advance for your feddbak
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theodorejsalvoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using preg_replace is an easy bet, and will help if you only want to change words, or if you want to change any characters...

// To Change any character
$text = "verylongword123";
$newText = preg_replace('@.@','*',$text);

// To change just letters
$text = "verylongword123";
$newText = preg_replace('@\w@','*',$text);

Alternatively, you could also str_repeat to put an asterisk for every character in the string

$text = "verylongword123";
$newText = str_repeat('*',strlen($text));
sabecsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Theodore for all the options, they are perfect.
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