CD/ DVD Drive locked!

Hello experts,

I have been having this problem repeatedly with many CD or DVD Drives (different brands, models, some were CD others DVD drives etc...), I hope anyone has a reasonable explanation.

I have been noticing that after some time (approximately a year or more) my DVD or CD Drives seem to get stucked or locked whenever I push the eject button on the device. I have to insist MANY times before the device decides to open. I can see it will receive the command it gets when I (physically) push the eject button because the green led will start to flash and the device tries to eject the CD or DVD bay. After 2 seconds it gives up and goes back to standby. It´s like it would be jammed ..but it isn't... it will eventually open and do whatever it has to do (read, burn). I even checked the drive by opening the hardware itself... the mechanics seem to be in good condition. It is not software related for sure.. I had the same drive on different PCs running different OS's (windows and linux)...even without OS (or before windows starts to load).

At first I though it is a malfunctioning drive which had to be I did. But this keeps happening on many drives after a year of use or so. Is this normal? This happened to me with Pioneer DVD drives, Creative CD/CD-R Drives, LG's, no brand and Samsung.

I should add that I live and work in south america and we usually get the trash that should not be sold in the US. Sometimes the hardware is sold as Refurbished but I never don't buy refurbished HW, only "new" HW. It is hard to be sure though... I have not seen one retail boxed CD or DVD Drive ... only bulk, meaning, it could still be defective drives sold as quality ones.

PS: I will probably split points between the experts, I am sure there are many possible explanations on this.


M. Kieczka
Sven BaehrAsked:
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If you are tired of buying drives the best thing to do is keep a paper clip handy (has to be the right size) to push into the tiny hole in the face to manually eject it.
Sven BaehrAuthor Commented:
Hello edbedb,

are you saying, that this "jammed" bay is a known issue on all "old" CD or DVD drives? The paperclip has always been my last resource, (since I usually expect the drive to work). Are there many users who have the same problem or is it just me having bad luck choosing the wrong drives?

Drives that are mounted vertically tend to jam more often than those laying flat. I don't know if it's bad luck or you are just wearing them out. You are certainly going through more drives than normal.

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Sven BaehrAuthor Commented:
Hello Edbedb,

my CD and DVD Drives were always laying horizontally and not vertically. I also start to believe I might have had bad luck with this kind of HW, nevertheless I would still like to keep this question open for two more days, maybe some other experts who might have experienced same problems.

Thank you very much!
Sven BaehrAuthor Commented:
The comments did not resolve the issue and it probably is hard to tell if I had "bad luck" with optical drives. My question was not intended to receive a solution, only a reasonable explanation. I believe I am not done with my quest, but I thank you for helping me figuring out.
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