TLS Exchange 2003

I  received a request for   one client  to  Install a TLS  on our exchange 2003 server ,the  owa server have an expired  certificate installed  this server is used as smtp for the incoming  and outgoing  emails see file attached, the incoming  email is handled by 3rd party mxlogic they redirect all the incoming  email into my  owa server(I called them  and they support TLS)

 I  followed the instructions to create a csr for the new certificate on my owa server  using virtual smtp  options and the certificate options is greyed out,(fig 2), I can see the  expired certificate if  opened via owa IIS site.

What I'm doing wrong?

I appreciate any help, thanks in advance

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BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
first you need a valid certificate from a valid provider or use an internal CA, have you purchased the certificate.
to support SMTP TLS yhe certificate name must match the FQDN provided in the smtp EHLO, so you need to configure that as well on your virtual SMTP server properties.
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