How to wire a 15-pin dsub or VGA

I've a length of vga cabling run through a wall but it is not terminated on either end and I need to understand how to do this.  I find diagrams on the net that outline which type of wire should be connected to which pinhowever nothing I have found so far lists which wire in the cable equates to which pin, by color.  I'm looking for a color code to pin configuration of some kind, for each end.
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_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think there is a color standard. Just make sure you get the pins connected correctly.
This site has helped me on more than once.

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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Colors are not standard, but the pin configurations are.  Just make sure you are using the correct pins and that they are connected to the same pins on each end - the link coral47 provided is very good.  You need a minimum of six pins - red, green, blue, vertical sync, horizontal sync, and ground.  Separate grounds for each color are better.
Thank you much.   : )
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