LAB manager in VMWARE Isolated 2003 domian

I want to copy a complete domian and Isolate it , I want to have the same Ip domain and server names and make a copy to best on. How do I do that in LAB MANAGER? I dont want to effect the production ??
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PACSAdminICT Operations ManagerCommented:
we setup virtual switches that are not bound to any physical adapter. Each Virtual switch represented a site in our AD Infrastucture. We then used Vyatta to create virtual routers as VM's. Using this method we were able to simulate our entire AD including WAN Links. if this is a scenario you are interested in let me know and i will post a detailed instruction on how to do it as it is easy to do and works great.
NAMEWITHELD12Author Commented:
Yes VERY insterested ! Thank you so much
Create P2V images.  Do not bring them up. Create a new "CONFIGURATION" (VMware Labmanger terminology to denote a group of VMs for particular testing environment). When you create the "CONFIGURATION" select the network type as "Fenced only" . This will ensure the VMs will not communicate with any system out side the configuration "group"

VMware Lab Manager 4 Video Tutorials:
PACSAdminICT Operations ManagerCommented:
Step 1:

Create Virtual Switches for each site that you want to represent. For example if you want to replicate a Network with a Main site and 2 regional sites connected via a WAN then create three virtual switches and give them meaningfull names. make sure you do not bind the vswitches to a network adapter.

in ESX 3 this is done by selecting host in Virtual Centre then:

- Configuration tab -> add networking -. connection types = Virtual machine -> select next
- create a virtual switch -> uncheck binding to network card -> select next
- Give Meaningfull Name -> select next -> select finish

do this for all virtual switches.

Step 2

Download vyatta template from The free unsupported core version is good enough.

Import the template into ESX and create a Virtual machine from the template. You will require 1 in each site. These become the routers that will route traffic between the VM's that you add to each virtual switch (site).

Follow the steps during initial configuration ensuring you create 2 network interfaces on each router. 1 for LAN and one for WAN.

After installation the routers will need to be configured to see each other so the first step is to assign I.P addresses to eth0 and eth1 do this by typing the following commands in the cli

set interfaces ethernet eth0 address
set interfaces ethernet eth1 address

remember to assign one interface a LAN address and one a WAN Address for example

set interfaces ethernet eth0 address
set interfaces ethernet eth1 address

Do this to all 3 routers ensuring the WAN adresses are in the same range. The LAN addresses should be different if you want to simulate different subnets

Next step is to let the routers know how to route traffic between them and the easiest way to do this is to configure RIP.

This is done by entering the following command on all 3 routers

set protocols rip interface eth0
set protocols rip interface eth1
set protocols rip redistribute connected

after this is done you should be able to and from each router. You should also be able to ping across VM's on different vswitches with different subnet addresses

You can add other services to your routers for example

set service ssh allow-root
set service https

I have attached a diagram of a typical setup for you to look at

Only step left is to add VM,s to the switches whether this be P2V or a snapshot of a VM on another host. just remeber to give them a gateway address of the vyatta router

If you need any more help just let me know.


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NAMEWITHELD12Author Commented:
got to love EE , totally worth the $$$, thanks !!!!! perfect!!!
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