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One of our consultants setup a new Xserve for a client, and decided to copy the files from a shared folder into a main folder that contains other files that are shared by everyone.  The problem is that some users have been refering to that old share in their iTunes library.  Is it a good thing to share a folder that is shared underneath another share so that a person can still mount the volume using the name as in the past or is it better to recreate the old share again on the new server and recopy the files?  Is there some way to make some sort of alias of a volume without having to create a new share.  I have to do this before tomorrow morning, so as soon as I can get an answer that would be great.

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marookConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's no problem to share a subfolder of a sharepoint, but it's not often used.

But if you like to keep it 'clean', move the media folder to a new place (on the server) and share that as it was before.
It doesn't work that way.  You are missing a big point.  iTunes is not designed for a multi-user environment with a shared directory for the library.   Everybody needs to have their own, exclusive-use share, or the libraries will get corrupted the moment any user makes a change.
Peterson50Author Commented:
This is not a shared library, I well understand how itunes works, the editors have one machine dedicated to managing their music, I just trying to do a simple way to make that folder be viewed as a share without recreating a share that the itune library is referring to at present
dlethe is right -- iTunes libraries are shared (or not) from each client computer, separate from file sharing, which is best done from the server.

You can specify the Appleshare and SMB share names independent of the path to the actual folder - the advertised name doesn't need to match the actual name, although its less confusing to administer if it matches somehow.

You can share a subfolder of a share but its not recommended.

Peterson50Author Commented:
Sometimes it easier to do the correct thing than to make shortcuts
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