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Hi everyone,

I'm having issues with the NAT policy config on a new Sonicwall TZ210 Firewall.

I swapped a Linksys RV082 with this new unit which I have already pre-configured. The issue I am having is the NAT policy for Exchange server. The router's main WAN static IP is "216.x.x.197" and I need to setup a NAT policy to the secondary WAN IP '216.x.x.196" so that the incoming traffice on Exchange server can start working again. I am able to send emails out, but they are not coming in from the outside world (basically the world doesn't know that "216.x.x.196" is here).

FYI: the previous router had a DMZ setup on the WAN port for the "216.x.x.196" address, so it automatically accepted requests from the secondary IP. I cannot setup DMZ on the WAN port of the Sonicwall TZ210, so I will have to create a NAT policy.

The MX record points to the secondary WAN IP "216.x.x.196", so I am fighting with the new "enhanced" Sonicwall OS to make it happen.

can anyone please help me?
Thank you,
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Alex_McGyverConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
hey jlwcci;

unfortunately it took a lil more work than that, but I want to thank you for your help anyway. This is how I solved the problem (see attachent):

Ok, here's what you need to do.
If you haven't already create an address object (network>address objects) for that IP, it's on the WAN zone.
Then create the firewall rule to allow incoming SMTP traffic to that IP. WAN>LAN allow source is any and dest is the address object you just created.
Then for the NAT policy you create like this:
source: any>original
destination: address object created above > address object of the exchange server internally
service: smtp (email)> original
interface: any>any

This should do it.
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