interested in steps for presetting 4GB GoGear ViBE Philips MP3 player with only 4 broadcasting stations

Hi Everyone;

         The nature of this question is a little tricky because I am not totally sure it can be done, but, here it goes.  I have a friend who has a new 4GB GoGear ViBE Philips MP3 player which is also an FM radio.  With this point in mind, she is interested in preprogramming only 4 FM broadcasing stations on it, namely, 105.9, 103.3, 96.3, and 92.9.  These stations are arranged with respect to their order of preference.  These are the only 4 FM broadcasting stations she is interested in and wishes to ignore the remaining stations.  

           Like I said, I am not sure this can be done.  But, if so, can someone provide step by step instructions for carrying out this goal or perhaps provide a direct link outlining the necessary procedures?  Any help regarding this question will be greatly appreciated.

           Thank you.

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Hi George, have her look at the manual and take a little time to read the how to's..
My first thought with these mp3 players she should be able save to favourites or similar.
So I looked up the specs and found this..
At anytime, you can store a desired station as a preset channel on your GoGear player. With 20 preset radio stations that can be stored, you can quickly access your favorite radio station without having to manually tune the frequencies each time.
Here's the manual;jsessionid=117B4B0AAC4FEC11A8CE8ABF90279F0E.app101-drp3?t=support
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi There;

        I finally had a chance to review the information contained within the user manual link provided and was able to find the steps needed to accomplish my goal here.

        Many thanks for taking the time to locate the user manual.  It was a huge help in this endeavour.

A pleasure George.
Cheers :)
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