Warning - Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner

So I'm getting this from MXToolbox. I've requested from my ISP to change the PTR as it points to some ISP name and not my domain. My other question is, I've read that I should change the SMTP Connector/Virtual Server to the public FQDN as mine currently lists a .local (internal) address. However, I use a smart host (Barracuda) in between. So, do I need to change the Connector/Virtual Server or something in the Barracuda?

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You are correct: these settings should be configured at your smart host.
Shreedhar EtteCommented:
it,s your last component facing internet that need to be change and this is your barracuda.

sorry i don,t have a barracuda so dont know where to llok to change the smtp host name.

If you are forwarding ALL mail through to your smart host, then you don't need to get your ISP to add a rDNS (reverse DNS) record.

If you are only forwarding email with unresovled recipients and your email server is using DNS to route all other email, then you do need to have your ISP to add a rDNS record to your internet connecition, they need to do it at the ISP end, you cannot do anything at your end.
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