How Do I set up two DHCP server to give out same IP range?


Could someone explain this to me.

How Do I set up two DHCP server to give out same IP range?

I have two DHCP servers. I have two scope for different networks. I have a super scope.

I can't seem to find an option to add the 2nd server to the first server.
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ugnvsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is correct. Two DHCP servers can not serve the same scope in parallel. If you set them that way it would be matter of chance which server has served which request. Given that these two servers are unaware of each other activity that means that they can supply conflicting addresses. To avoid such errors different servers must serve different scopes or subscopes. As of 2003 server there were no 'standby' feature nor DHCP server mutual awareness, which are theoretically possible.
hutnorAuthor Commented:

I will set up two servers & deavtivate one so it does nothing then if needed I can activate it when the other goes down.
There is another way which is sometimes recommended. Say, set two servres and give one of them 75% of scope and 25% of scope to another.
hutnorAuthor Commented:
Ya I seen people say give them 80 & 20 % of scopes but was not sure how you get them to share the scope automatically & so they both know what the other is doing.
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