VBA with chinese character.

I have an application coded using VBA, recently i wanted to change the input of a Value from english to chinese character but have problem doing so.
The problem is when i tried to input a character like ¿ the application display nothing at all...
But when i input ¿& it displayed ¿ but internally it still uses ¿& .

Is there a syntax i can use to only get the character?
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From link you provided KAI is Unicode U+5F00.

CommandButton1.Caption = ChrW(&H5F00)

Here is a nice free program that shows all Unicode characters and their Decimal or Hex equivalents.

Not sure what control you are using or how you are supplying the string caption.

Try this for Chinese sample:

Command1.Caption = "CHS: " & ChrW$(&H6B22) & ChrW$(&H8FCE)

csharp_learnerAuthor Commented:
thanks for the prompt reply
I was more looking for a syntax inorder to input the chinese character eg.$¿$ or &&¿&&
Char ¿ is Hex BF which is not a Chinese character. Can you show the character you are trying to use in a Unicode text file and post it here. Thanks.
csharp_learnerAuthor Commented:
sry not very sure how to give u the word in unicode format but the word is "Kai" http://www.chinese-tools.com/tools/sinograms.html?q=%E5%BC%80 is there a difference cos i'm using several differenct characters in my  input.
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