I had to reset the router this morning - it disconnected


Today's morning when i was come in office, i see my net is disconnected so i restart the router after it was working fine. so i do feel If the router is reset, does it write something to a log file?
If it is disconnected from the internet, shouldn’t it continually try to re-connect, without someone having to reset it
Does it have some kind of watchdog function.  So it can automatically reset if it fails for some reason or pls give me any other suggestion what happended there ? & what should i do for that ?


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the common feature of cheaper routers/switches is that they remain in non functional state after short power outage (the power outage was too short to switch the device completely off).  Use UPS...
kavinagpurAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your quick reply,

But there are no problem about power issue, pls suggest How to know what happended there ?
Or Does irouter has some kind of watchdog function ?

If this happens not daily, don't care about it and just reset the router. Else give some more details about the router, is it one of the free or cheap Boxes from your ISP?
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some routers get jumbled up when their NAT tables get too full because of unusually heavy traffic to too many different addresses.
kavinagpurAuthor Commented:
Hi abt-it,

Thanks for your reply,
I don't understand your question what u mean (is it one of the free or cheap Boxes from your ISP?)



Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:
Please log the syslog messages to a syslog server, please  monitor the nat table of router, if there is a lot of session the router able to reboot!
I advise to send SNMP trap if there is a low memory, or heavy processor loading!
Is it a Router for "Home User" or is it something like a lancom or cisco Router?
kavinagpurAuthor Commented:
Hi ikalmar,

Can you suggest me how to send SNMP trap ?

If you want to use SNMP Traps the Router have to support it an you need an SNMP Server to receive these Data. Without the manufactor and Model of the router, it like fishing in the fog.
If your router is a cisco, you could use EEM to monitor its own syslog for messages like


and issue a command sequence, for example

cle cry ses
cle int dialer0
cle arp
cle nat trans *

to get the connection up again and do some maintenance tasks.

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