How to monitor the memory consumed by SQL server (with AWE enabled)

Dear All,

AWE is enabled on SERVER_ABC with 8GB RAM. Max memory is set to 5GB.

How do I know that the 5GB RAM is enough? Am I allocating too much memory for SQL?

Should I use perfmon to monitor? If yes, then what are the counters in the perfmon that I should use to monitor?

I noticed that there are AWE* counters under SQL Server:Buffer Manager, however I don't know how to read these counters. Are these counters reliable?

Any feedback/suggestions.

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Use the standard Windows Task Manager to see how much memory (mem usage, max mem, vm size) SQL processes are using, check page file (commit) usage. A Large amount of unused memory end up in the 'System Cache' which is used as the disk cache.
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
You can try with this first

To monitor the app memory usage you can use Ants profiler - is best one I know
lirwanAuthor Commented:
Hi Tygrus2,

How about AWE* counters under SQL Server:Buffer Manager? Just wondering, should I use this counters instead? Any idea?

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