Connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM via Outlook

Hi Experts,

I have successfully installed Microsoft Dynamics CRM on a remote server (Win2k3 Ent)

I am trying to install the Outlook Client and cannot get past the configuration wizard.

I can browse to the site eg:
but when I try to connect to microsoft dynamics crm at: "My Company" or "An online service provider", I get the following error.

The specified Microsoft Dynamics CRM server is not available. Make sure that the URL is correct. To test the URL, try opening it in Internet Explorer.

It works fine in IE

XP Pro SP3 - IE8 - Office 2007 Pro - Microsoft Dynamics CRM server 4.0 (Workgroup ed)

Thanks experts.
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Feridun KadirConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
You might have an issue with host headers. Please review this article:

I would try step 3 (Download the Deployment Configuration tool) on its own first to see if that helps.

I've found that in many instances a table (deploymentproperties) in the MSCRM_CONFIG database doesn't get updated with the correct settings.
nikdonovanauAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot Feridun,

The Deployment Cofig tool was exactly what I was missing. The deployment authentication status had to be set to IFD + On premise and then it worked fine.

Thanks again for the speedy response and your knowledge.

nikdonovanauAuthor Commented:
Thanks a million
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