SBS 2008 SP2 x64 installation on intel S5520HC RAID 1 problem

hello experts

I am trying to install Small Business Server 2008 SP2 x64 onto an Intel Server Mainboard S5520HC based machine with a RAID 1 array using the embeded RAID controller. The installation hangs at the point were i musst select the hard drive. There is no drive to select (thats ok .. i need drivers) i download the latest driver from the intel website,  click the right one from the list and then... nothing -  the drive is still not in list.

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deibelAuthor Commented:
it was the harddrive. the raid setup did not erase the raid information stored in superblock on first hard drive. i just switch the cable between the two hard drives and then it worked.
Are you hitting F6 during the initial stages of the installation so you can install the drivers? It does require the correct drivers on floppy disk though, unless you put the data on a memory stick and have it emulate a floppy in the bios.
deibelAuthor Commented:
There ist no F6 ... its server 2008. I tried the ERT drivers from cd and the latest from the intel website. if i take the drivers from cd (v10) the setup doesent event get so far as with the new one from intel (v13). it ask the driver straight after i klick the install button. i also tried the w2k3 x64 and all the other drivers - no chance!

before i tried to install server 2008 on RAID 1 this was done aleardy installed on RAID 0 .  is there any correlation or is is just not supported by intel?
Try downloading a X64 driver for your RAID controller. I had this issue with a Dell T610 Server about a year ago.
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