Problem with Bootable Media Creator for IBM Server

My Server cannot seem to boot from the DVD RW which contains the Bootable Media Creator from IBM. I was told to download this so that it can update my Server with the latest firmware, before i install the OS.

May i know is this cause by the DVD-RW or it it because i unzipped the ISO file into folders which now resides on the DVD-RW media?

Looking forward to your advise.

Thank You and Best Regards,
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Jerry MillerCommented:
When you created it from the ISO did you specifically burn it as a bootable disc?

Some drives have issues reading burned discs if they were burned at a fast speed. I will generally burn ISO disc at 15x or less. It takes much longer but the quality is normally good and I don't have to waste discs testing the read rate for a particular drive. I know that it should be able to burn at 50x or higher, but with ISOs, they can be quirky.

Make sure that if you put in another drive on a different PC that you can see the file structure and not one single ISO file.

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Gapseudo081Author Commented:
Dear jmiller,

When i put the disc in the DVD drive of my laptop, i can see the file structure. And that is because i unzipped it before burning it into a disc

Let me try to burn it using Roxio and see if it can boot.

Jerry MillerCommented:
Simply copying the folder structure will not create a bootable meda. Make sure that you choose the option in Roxio that designates it as bootable. I believe that Roxio will take the ISO image and make it bootable without any issues.

Make sure that you slow down the burn speed and get a good clean image.
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Gapseudo081Author Commented:
I recreated the disc and made it bootable..right now my server seems to be trying to boot from it..but nothing happens..i just see a black screen and a blinking cursor.

I wonder if it is trying to unpack the iso file..
Jerry MillerCommented:
It doesn't sound like the disc is being read by the DVD player on the server. When you say 'recreated the disc' how are you burning the ISO? Are you following instructions similar to these on eHow?

ISO images have to be burned in proper fashion or it will not boot correctly. The server shouldn't be trying to unpack it at that point in the boot sequence. There isn't any software running to unzip at that point.

Please don't take offense to anything on this check list, I am simply going down the list of mental (& physical) checks I would make if sitting in front of your server.
1) Server drive supports DVD and DVD-RW discs?
2) ISO image burned following Roxio instructions for burning ISO to DVD?
3) On a seperate PC, can you see the folder contents on the disc or does it appear as one large ISO? It should show as seperate folders / files and there should be boot files as well
4) Did you burn the disc at a fairly slow speed (less than 15x)? ISOs sometimes have trouble being burned successfully at higher speeds.
5) no large smudges or noticible defects on the disc itself? Some readers are really difficult when it comes to reading urned discs, particularly DVDs.
usually, IBM servers have, at BIOs level, the CD, out of the boot sequence.
Entering in BIOS, look for the boot sequence, (it seems a title while you have
to select by arrows and press enter), and set the CDrom as the first .
As test, try to boot with an original Windows/Linux Setup.


Gapseudo081Author Commented:
Thanks Guys@
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