McAfee - scan.exe : The program has been altered after a copy of this file

1. I have downloaded from the McAfee WebSite the program "VirusScan Command Line 6.0.1" (
2. I have decompacted this file with Winzip in the folder c:\test.  No problem : scan.exe works good !
3. I copy the file scan.exe to the folder c:\test1.
4. I want execute this program : I receive the message "The program has been altered.  Please replace it with a good copy".

It's a great problem for me because I must create a BartPd CD with Mcafee.  Therefore I must copy the file scan.exe to the folder C:\Program Files\pebuilder3110a\plugin\mcafee\files and that doesn't works !
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According to The McAfee KB it happens because you are placing the scan.exe file in a folder with non-Latin characters!
So Solution is simple just place it in Test,Teest,Teste...etc but not Test1!!

weird! Hope this works !

Phve_364Author Commented:
I have also read this document from McAfee, but it's not the cause of my problem.  in fact, if I copy the file scan.exe to the folder c:\teest, I have also this problem.
Try unzipping/de-compressing the scan.exe file directly to your intended destination "C:\Program Files\pebuilder3110a\plugin\mcafee\files"  do not unzip in one folder later copying to other unzipp it directly to your destination folder.

Let me know if it works, please provide a link to this scan.exe file , so that I can download it and recreate the problem at my side !

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Phve_364Author Commented:
I haven't downloaded the file yet, in the mean time as it looks a voluminous Zip archive, it must be having other supporting files with scan.exe, Make sure you copy the entire file/folder structure else where , where you wish to copy scan.exe!
Moreover have you checked these Known issues with Mcafee sw ?

1. Issue: When running scan.exe on some Windows operating systems
   that use non-Latin script languages , including Japanese and
   Simplified Chinese. The message "Error: Failed to get AV
   Engine and DAT file information" will occur immediately when
   launching scan.exe (Reference 526488).

2. Issue: When running scan.exe on some Windows operating systems
   that use non-Latin script languages , including Japanese and
   Simplified Chinese. The message "Error: the program has been
   altered. Please replace it with a good copy. (when running
   scan.exe" will occur immediately when launching scan.exe
   (Reference 526485).

This issue can occur on systems where the default date-time format  contains non-Latin characters. For example Japanese or Chinese.

NOTE: The date-time  format affects the available code page, which in turn affects the  allowed directory paths that can be created. This issue has been  observed mainly, but not exclusively, on computers where the directory  path contains non-Latin characters.

  • Make sure Date/Time format & Root Directory everything is free from Non-Latin characters.
  • Make sure you copy all files to scan.exe folder
  • Make sure you unzip/de-compress the scan.exe  file directly to your intended destination "C:\Program Files\pebuilder3110a\plugin\mcafee\files"
Phve_364Author Commented:
I have found the solution of my problem.  It's not necessary to copy all the files.  It's enough to copy scan.Exe and the file license.dat to a same folder.

Thanks very much for your help

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YES! as I suggested it has do with its supporting files! You need to copy all files to proper execution!

The solution to the problem hence was to copy the supporting files to the scan.exe folder!

As you have a solution for the problem, i request not to delete the question and let it remain in public domain to be accessed later by others, facing the same problem!

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