Load OWA (2003) in iframe, logon not working

I have this weird problem, I hope someone can help me out...
For a project I need to include OWA in an IFRAME.
For OWA 2007 this works fine. The page is loaded, and the user can log in.
For OWA 2003 I can not get it to work. The page loads, but what ever I enter in the username / password fields, when I submit the page I get kicked back to the login page without any error message (not even a 'username/password' error when I enter a wrong combination)
When testing the same server outside the IFRAME it works fine.
What could be the issue here?
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pdvdAuthor Commented:
Hey SatyaPathak...

Thank you for the response... I can not change anything on the exchange sites, they are not my websiites.

I have actually found the cause (and sollution) myself!

the OWA2007 site was in my trusted sites list, the OWA 2003 was not. When adding the site to the trusted sites list, cookies are accepted from the OWA in the subframe and logging on works!
Satya PathakLead Technical ConsultantCommented:
Please find IIS authentication type and the SSL requirement for Exchange 2003.
1) Default Website : Annonymous & Integrated     NO SSL
2) Exadmin : Integrated                                          NO SSL
3) Exchweb : Annonymous                                      NO SSL
4) Exchange: Basic                                                  SSL Optional
5) RPC     : Basic                                                      SSL Required
6) OMA     : Basic                                                     SSL Optional
7) Public  : Basic+Integrated                                   SSL Optional
8) exchange-oma : Basic & Integrated                    NO SSL
9) Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync : Basic                     SSL Optional
After That need to restart IIS service and check it.
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