Printing Images - Windows Vista

Currently struggling to find what program on Vista to open .TIF files with to be able to print selected pages.

I have tried opening in photo manager, image viewer, windows live photos etc but all programs when asked to print, load the 'print images' screen, which doesn't have any options of printing required pages, just all pages.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Maybe converting it into a PDF/XPS, or using it in Word?
Beavish1Author Commented:
Can't open it in word, just get a load of jibberish. Converting to PDF/XPS not an option!

Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
Or you can try Imagistik Image Viewer 7.11 which is a freeware and can work in Vista.


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Yes, it's a great pity that the supposed Vista "replacement" for the "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" that was integrated into the Shell is so crap:
The Picture and Fax Viewer in XP was excellent for this type of thing.

I just use the free IrfanView ( for the creation of, viewing of, and printing of Multi-Page TIFF images.  It has a wealth of command line options as I have demonstrated with the easy batch file below which does this:

1.Takes 5 JPG images (could be other types also) from same folder as batch file
   (could be from different directories)
2. Silently creates a Multi-Page TIFF file in the same folder
   (could be another directory if desired)
3. Silently "opens" the *.TIF to frame 3, prints it to the default printer, and closes.

@echo off
set IVIEW=C:\Progra~1\IrfanView\i_view32.exe
set CurrDir=%~dp0
set CurrDir=%CurrDir:~0,-1%

%IVIEW% /multitif=(%CurrDir%\Multi-Page.tif,%CurrDir%\001.jpg,%CurrDir%\002.jpg,%CurrDir%\003.jpg,%CurrDir%\004.jpg,%CurrDir%\005.jpg) /silent /killmesoftly

%IVIEW% %CurrDir%\Multi-Page.tif /page=3 /print

Of course, all YOU need for your purposes is the:

C:\Path_To\i_view32.exe "C:\Path_To\filename.tif" /page=n /print

command if you wanted to print one frame from a Multi-Tiff at the command line.

In GUI mode with a Multi-Page TIFF file open, IrfanView shows bright green "Next Page" and "Previous age" toolbar buttons that are greyed out when a normal single-framed image is opened.

The good thing about IrfanView is that it doesn't try to snatch image file associations for itself.  I use it either from the command line or from the Right-Click > Open With option, but do not have it associated with any image types.

Hope this helps
I have also just tested the free FastStone Image Viewer which I have as a self-contained "Portable" program on a USB Flash Drive.  It saves its configuration settings back to a few text-based and binary *.DB files on the Flash Drive.  So, if there are any issues with installing applications, this could be the answer.

It's quirky in layout, but the wealth of options available from the Right-Click allows you to open a Multi-Page TIF and see immediately from a small red annotation in the thumbnail image how many Frames are inside it.  There should be a "Preview" window by default at the bottom left of your working area, and when you click to select your thumbnail in the main pane, it shows the first Frame of the TIF file with a red "Page n of n" annotation.  The Right and Left keyboard arrows (or equivalent toolbar buttons) page through the Frames of your selected TIF image in the preview window.  A File menu > Print OR Right-Click on the preview pane when you are showing the Frame to print shows the "Print" menu option.  This brings up a fairly comprehensive print options dialog that would suit most needs.

It sounds like a lot of work, but it's quick in operation.

Choose "Portable" from download page if that's what you want to try out first:
Just unzip it to the root of an empty flash drive, or to its own folder on the flash drive.  Run "FSViewer.exe".
Beavish1Author Commented:
thanks guys.
Thank you Beavish1
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Windows Vista

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