Clints freeze several times a day


Several time a day, clients is freezing. At 2.55 every day is standard. After 1-3 min they freeze up.

This is my setup : 2 Citrix servers on a 2003 server running on 2 server 2008 hyber-V.
Max. 15 users on each Citrix server. No scheduled job on Citrix or Hyber-V sérvers. Antivirus is disabled on Hyber-V and Citrix servers.

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Darius GhassemCommented:
Remove your AV for testing disabling doesn't fix the problem with AVs all the time.

Disable TCP Chimney.

Go to the properties of your NIC disable TCP Checksum, TCP Offload, IP Offload, and IP Checksum.
vguzmanIT ManagerCommented:
Any errors on Event Viewer ?
Check Performance and Reliability .
ok-fondenAuthor Commented:
dariusg :
Beginning your solution in 30 min. - thanks :-) Have tried to uninstall AV with no result. Returning with result.

No result in eventviewer what so ever. The freeze is very unpredictable, but the freeze at 2.55 every day is very constant
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vguzmanIT ManagerCommented:
if you don't get an event on the client, what about an event on the server ?  does it shows anything at all ? When this started ? have you installed new hardware, software  ?
ok-fondenAuthor Commented:
No events, just freeze. No new hardware, software, etc.
The standard " 2.55 " is a wonder - why ??

The only thing in eventviewer is some printer error, but this error is common.
Has checked that every printerdriver is the same all around, AND it is approwed
by Citrix AND Microsoft.

Pretty weird
vguzmanIT ManagerCommented:
Could it be MS updates? can you try to disable them to see if anything changes. Without error numbers or descriptions is hard to tell.

Try upgrading your BIOS (or even reinstall the same version)
Test your RAM
Upgrade all drivers (network card, chipset, sound card, etc)

vguzmanIT ManagerCommented:
For the memory you could use

ok-fondenAuthor Commented:
Drivers is updated. All MS-updates is installed, and the Bios is the last one.
Pretty weird.

Thanks a lot for your help guys.
Will close case in a couple of days
if no new suggestions comes up.

Kind regards
ok-fondenAuthor Commented:
Thanks again.
MS is on it, and they haven't seen it before :-)
Closing case

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