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I have a simple script where I have to do several updates with the same values. Take the script below (and the real script has more queries). Is it possible to declare two variables ORDER_OLD and ORDER_NEW and use those in the script? Can you give an example script?

update orders
set order_id = '16131'
where order_id = '15147';

update order_mailing
set order_id= '16131'
where order_id = '15147';

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flytox06Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you can achieve that in a simple function as below :

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION orderupdate(integer, integer) RETURNS void AS '
    oldorderid ALIAS FOR $1;
    neworderid ALIAS FOR $2;
    UPDATE orders SET order_id = neworderid where order_id = oldorderid;
' LANGUAGE plpgsql;
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