any one know of a free login password remover

ve seen a few boot disks that will enable you to remove the password hashes for a windows login account (stand alone)
anyone know of any free ones or any links to legitimate ISO's to download?
William WestlakeDomain AdministratorAsked:
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Jackie ManCommented:
Follow the advice from LeeTutor as follows:-

This site allows you to download files needed to create a bootable floppy disk or CD-ROM which contains a program that can be used to reset passwords on a Windows NT-based OS (such as WinXP and Vista):
Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

It is a rather "geeky" tool; not a nice Windows graphical user interface.  You might want to check this page for a demonstration of its use, with screenshots provided in the article:
Reset lost Windows passwords with Offline Registry Editor

There is also a video about using this tool here:
Video: Reset Windows passwords with the Offline NT Password and Registry Editor

Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Elton BrownCommented:
Elton BrownCommented:
William WestlakeDomain AdministratorAuthor Commented:
im accepting both KCTS for the quick response adn also to jakieman for the indepth guides

thanks guys
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