Dot Net Framework 4 MSI Network Deployment

I am currently trying to distribute dot net framework 4 across my network using MSI's in active Directory.
I have Extracted the dot .net framework 4 executable which gave me 4 msi's. I have tryed allocating the netfx_Core_x86.msi and the netfx_Extended_x86.msi packages together and seperatly but in the event log i get the following message.

Product: Microdsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile-- To install this product please run the Setup.exe

Could anyone help?
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Bob LearnedCommented:
Do you need the client profile, or the standard profile?  The client profile is a subset of the full 4.0 framework...
Vadim RappCommented:
I think it's pressy safe to say that you can't do that - you do need to run setup.exe.

Aaron Stebner wrote an article "Mailbag: How can I deploy the .NET Framework 2.0 using Group Policy?" where he described how to do this with .Net framework 2. Like 2, the MSI of Framework 4 also has custom action named CA_BlockDirectInstall that shows message "you must run setup.exe" , but the condition is much more simple:

NOT (EXTUI = 1 OR Installed)

Assuming that EXTUI is passed by setup.exe (this parameter was also present in the condition for framework 2, along with others), there are no other conditions that would make it possible.

Also, looking at the contents of the full installation, with its numerous files and language-related subdirectories, it's pretty obvious that the MSI is only a part of it.

Maybe Framework 4 will be made available through Microsoft Update, then that would be the preferred way to deploy it.
RMGSAuthor Commented:
I only really need the client install but i am just trying to get either working.
I have checked our WSUS server to see if it can be distrubuted using that method but it seems to contain all the previous versions exept framework 4.
I noticed that in the extracted .net framework 4 exe there are 4 .msu files (Windows6.0-KB956250-v6001-x86.msu , Windows6.1-KB958488-v6001-x86.msu) but i cant think of a way of distributing these?
When i run these manually they want to update the system quite happily but i have tried to see if i can import them into WSUS or AD for distribution with no luck.
I have done a bit more roaming on the net and found serveral articles on AD deployment for .net framework 1-3.5 and SCCM deployment for .net framework 4 but as we dont have a SCCM server these are not much help.
Bob LearnedCommented:
Hmmm...I agree with the assessment, and I don't have WSUS to test.  I know you can use a bootstrap installation, which uses a small Setup.exe, that downloads and installs the rest of the .NET framework.

HOW TO: Distribute the .NET Framework with a Visual Studio .NET Deployment Project

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Vadim RappCommented:
It should be noted that often, the most wise admins wait until "version 2" to deploy new software to everybody. In case like this, until "service pack 1".
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