Exchange infrastructure for a small business?

Hi Guys,

I´m thinking about a fitting Exchange 2010 configuration for a small business costumer and I´m not sure of some points. Here´s the situation:

The network has about 40 clients (and 40 users), one 2003 server with Active Directory and a Fortigate 60B Firewall/ Router. We have a Windows 2003-based AD and a new installed 64-bit server, which should do AD and fileservices in the future. There´s no Exchange at the moment, but the goal is to get one running. The new 64-Bit server will get the Mailbox-, Hub- and Client Access Role.
The customer would buy another server if that makes sense (definitely he would not buy 2 other servers...) and with this in mind I try to find the perfect solution for him.

Should I use another server as Exchange Edge Transport or better invest in a ISA-Server? OWA and ActiveSync are to be used. On the other hand, anti-spam features will be required also...
If the customer would do so, I´ll say let´s buy a server for Exchange Edge and a further one for ISA, but I can use only one more server (remember: only 40 Mailboxes over all).

So I have no clear idea how to best build the exchange infrastructure.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
As it happens I am in the process of configuring this on my lab

I am not sure about ISA but Forefront TMG 2010 (which replaces ISA) can be done and is from what I keep reading recomended that it's installed on the same server as your edge transport.

You would be looking to install all these products on the same server and in this order

(Exchange Server Edge Transport Transport role, Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server and Forefront TMG)

Here is an article/guide on the subject

On top of this you would have your mailbox server installed with roles as you mentiond above (mailboc, hub and ca)

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SSR-ISAuthor Commented:
I just read over your link and it seems fitting perfectly to my situation. With this config I would have all required services on one machine!
I will read this article in detail over the day.

Thanks a lot for this quick an very accurate answer!
SSR-ISAuthor Commented:
Can someone etsimate the server sizing for my setup? What about CPU / RAM / HDD and other hardware would be sufficent?
Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
Edge won't use mach space but the forefront products will use a fair ammount for log files databses, defenitions etc.

E5540 Xenon @ 2.5x+ Ghz
4Gig ram +

70gig+ or so mirrored system volume anything over 100gig for data, , I would go for 3 x 150g drives in a raid 5 config giving you 300g approx data, probably overkill but bettwr to much that too little.

Go for what you can afford but don't over kill.

SSR-ISAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot MojoTech! Perfect solutions!
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