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Backup Gmail Email Account

I need to back up a regular Gmail email account ( not Google Docs, just a normal Gmail Account). Unfortunately its an account belonging to someone who has passed away so it is crucial that we don't accidentally delete/destroy the emails in the account as his next of kin needs all of this info to close down bank accounts etc.

Its extremely important that by accident, a glitch somewhere, a non-foreseen circumstance etc, that the original mail is not deleted and remains in the Gmail account

I am a junior technician myself, so I know that I can setup an OutLook Account on my PC ( I have Outlook 2003 not Express, I assume 2003 will work? ), enter the Gmails POP details into the local PC and pull down the mail.

I know that I can POP down the mail, but my question is, is there a second method that I can use before I POP down the mail to do a backup of the clients Gmail account. Just to be doubly sure.

However, I need to do as much diligence as possible.
IP4IT Staff
IP4IT Staff
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You could IMAP sync it with another mail account temporarily and copy folders across via your desired mail client.

Go here to get Gmail's settings and to set your account up for IMAP:


Using IMAP is preferred as it will not download the mail store to your mail client :)

Good luck!
IP4IT StaffAuthor Commented:
hi shanwa
Thanks for your prompt reply
It is greatly appreciated

I know that I can use IMAP or pop
What I need to do before I set this account up in outlook is a backup of the Gmail account

 I need to make sure I have a good backup of the Gmail account as this is irreplaceable data


IP4IT StaffAuthor Commented:
I connected up a new MS Outlook account to teh remote GMail account using IMAP and all went well.

I then used MS Outlooks Export to PST and all went well until it seemed to be almost finished when it have the following error while exporting the Junk Mail folder:

"The operation failed. An object cannot be found"

After I cancelled, and started MS Outlook it also complained about contents in the Junk Folder.

I'm not sure if this is a problem or not.

The PST file is 455MB in size.


Best thing to do would be to then export your PST file to another Outlook and confirm everything is there ie number of emails, first and last email are the same, etc

You could try exporting again and if it's the same size without errors you can be certain there is nothing missing.

There's no other way around backing up a gmail account except for this method that I'm aware of.

Also as the owner has passed on, how is gmail going to know that and disable the account? I think if you passed the login details onto the next of kin and they continued to use the account actively that nothing will happen with their account.

Just a thought...good luck!
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