Restoring Exchange 2007 using Arcserve 12 SP1

Hi All,

One of our users has left and deleted all their email. I have been asked to restore it from a backup.
We backup the Storage Group daily, and have retrieved the March 2010 end of month backup tape.

I am trying to restore the backup into a RSG, so I can extract the mailbox, but i'm not having much luck.

Arcserve keeps failing with the error:
27/04/2010 10:51:26 AE9720 The database "London Mailbox Database" is not dismounted. To complete the restore, the database must be dismounted.

I cannot understand why I should need to dismount the live database in order to perform the restore.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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PeterHingConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi All,

Thanks for your replies. It appears the fix was to upgrade Arcserve to SP2 (from SP1). It was a known error.
You will have to create your recovery stroage group, and then create within it, a database that is named "London Mailbox database". Mark that database as recoverable, and be sure it is dismounted. DO not mount it in any case.
Once done, you can use your backup software to restore the database "London Mailbox Database"
Yes it's a fix provided by CA to address this issue.

However, in all cases database in RSG should be dismounted before restore.
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