replay microphone sound in flash

I'm looking for a way to capture the microphone sound and replay the sound after hitting a button. there is NO need to save the sound. The sound is only used in the current session.

Is there a way to do this without media server? Save it in memory?

as 2 is preferred.

To capture the sound I use:
m = Microphone.get();
//loading the mic
//and attching its output

Hope someone can help!
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IqAndreasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So that means it is impossible to retrieve, extract, or store it in any way.

Sorry. :(
If I understand this correctly, no, for security reasons there is no way to store sound captured through the microphone.

The only control you have over input is displaying the "volume/activity level"

I could be wrong, but I am 97% certain it is not possible. Sorry. :(
reinoutkoolAuthor Commented:
I don't want to store it, I just want to replay it to the user behind the microphone.
So the user says something in the microphone and replays the message to himself
I can't find an AS2 statement that says it, but according to Adobe, it is NOT possible in AS3, so I'm guessing the same VERY likely applies to AS2.

"You cannot access raw audio data from the microphone; you can only send audio to the system’s speakers or send compressed audio data to a remote server. "
Taken from

However, from what I hear, Flash 10.1 has a few added microphone capabilities, but it will be a while until most users have that new version installed on their system.
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