GWT UIBinder i18n example

This has me tearing my hair out. It would be really great if someone
could upload a working project to demonstrate the UIBinder in
conjunction with Internationalization. The google docs are all over
the place and the various other posts I have read don't quite hit the

There is something I have done wrong which is preventing the
properties files from being generated when I add the -soyc argument to
the compiler.
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frogwebAuthor Commented:
OK - to answer my own question... Using the Mail application which comes with the GWT samples I added the following to the uiBinder tag in AboutDialog.ui.xml


and then in the body:
<ui:msg description="blurb">Blah Blah</ui:msg>

On compiling with the '-extra Mail' argument, I got my properties file.

Now I just need to see if I can make it work with mvp4g

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