InfoPath form in with "append-only" comments field in SharePoint library

Is there a way that I can have an infopath form (browser enabled) with a comments field so that each user who opens the form (say in a workflow for instance) can add comments and they are effectively written to history (like can be done with a SharePoint list item "append-only" column)?
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Clay FoxConnect With a Mentor Director of Business IntegrationCommented:
So add a field and add a rule so that when they leave the field the rule action executes.
The rule would be a setfield action concat(log, " ", now(), "-", note)
There is a way to add a carriage return, I think it is \n but it has been awhile. probably has the syntax if you search.
Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
I use a text field and then have a rule that concatenates the field the now() time stamp.

Or use two fields one for the new text and one for the running log.  And append the new text to the log with a carriage return or whatever.  The only issue I have found is that rich text boxes still have issues in browser forms, and that I have to use regular multiline text fields.
drewberryliciousAuthor Commented:
Thanks Clayfox.  I like the second option. Could you please spell out for me how you would do this?  I assume the action I would use is 'Set a Field's value" but I'm not sure how do this without overwrrting the existing comments.  Also, do you normally associate this with a custom button so the rule and action is run when clicked?

drewberryliciousAuthor Commented:
Clay - do u think you could dig in the archives and confirm how to add the carriage return so it works in the browser?  Everywhere I read i'm told it can't be done without code.  Can you proove this ascertion wrong?
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