Cygwin update in order to use "make" command


I have a windows xp that someone installed cygwin and found out that "make" command is not working.
I was trying to run setup.exe to select appropriate pkg, but got warning message something like this might affect existing cygwin.
what is the best way of updating cygwin in order to use "make" command in my case?

thx in advance
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That probably means that it was never installed. That should be easy to handle.

1. Go to and click on the "Install or Update now (using Setup.exe"
2. Once the setup.exe file has downloaded, go ahead and run it. You'll be prompted with various input options, and eventually you'll get to a screen where you can "Select packages to installl",
3, At that point, find the "Devel" category, expand it (click on the little "+" sign"), find the "make" package, click on the little "skip" at the left, and it will change to the latest version number. the Bin? checkbox will also be checked. If you want the source as well, check the Src? checkbox. I've attached an image of what this looks like.
4. Once you've done that, click "Next" and cygwin will proceed to download and install the make command.

You will have to shut down any cygwin commands for the install to complete.

You can follow this general procedure to locate & install pretty much anything you want; the only real challenge is finding the particular package you want - there are thousands of them :=)

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