BlackBerry Professional Software 4.1 with Win 2003 SBS client sync problem

After installing and setting up BlackBerry Professional Software 4.1 for Microsoft Exchange on our Windows 2003 SBS Server, I have problems with wireless sync and the BB phone. Sync works in Server -> BB direction but not in the other direction BB -> Server.

Our scenario:
- Windows 2003 SBS with Exchange Server (running without probs)
- BlackBerry Professional Software 4.1 for Microsoft Exchange - 1 User (no installation of BB-Software before this one)
- BB 8900 (activated)

I installed the BB-Software with the Administrator account. I think this is the problem, because some sources says that the installation have to be done with a besadmin account. Therefore I think, that this is my problem (rights?). But there is no besadmin account, even after install BB-Software. Have I add it manually before installation? With which rights?

Is there a way to solve my problem without reinstall the BB-Software?

Thanks for your answers!
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Just create another account with admin privileges. ensure all the requried permissions for that account are setup on exchange.
Go to services.msc
Stop all the blackberry services(controller,router,dispatcher service followed by others) and change the account that these services run under to the new account that has been created.

Once done, you need to recreate the mapi profile for the new account for the blackberry

Also ensure that you have the latest mapiexchange tool from microsoft installed on the blackberry server.

Once everything is done, you need to restart the services.

Go to the command prompt and run the handheld cleanup utility.

Also run the IEMS test found under the same folder where you have the handheld cleanup utility to ensure that the bes account is having proper permissions on a user mailbox in your exchange.

good luck
This may be a configuration on your BB. Is it for email or all functions? Many users prefer to delete messages from the BB and retain them in their mailbox which is the default we use here anyways. If Calendar and Contact items are synchronizing this is probably the case and you can change the setting on the BB for email if you prefer.

Open mail - options - email reconcile
To change the settings for wireless message synchronization:

1.On your device, open the Messages screen.

2.From the menu, choose Options, and then select Email Reconciliation.

3.Select Wireless Reconcile. Click the trackwheel and select On to activate wireless reconciliation, or Off to deactivate.

4.To customize deletion behavior:

Scroll up one line to "Delete On:" and click to open a menu. Select Change Option, and:

To have deletions in your Exchange mailbox affect your handheld and vice versa, select Mailbox & Handheld.

To have deletions in your Exchange mailbox affect your handheld but not vice versa, select Handheld.

To have your device ask if you want to delete an item from your Exchange mailbox whenever you delete that item from your BlackBerry, select Prompt.

Scroll down to "On Conflicts" and click to open a menu. Select Change Option, and:

If you want the BlackBerry to delete or add items to match what you see in Outlook if a conflict occurs between the two, select Mailbox Wins.

If you want Outlook to delete or add items to match what you see on the BlackBerry if a conflict occurs between the two, select Handheld Wins.
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Correct - You won't get it to work if you installed BES as administrator.

When you activate the Blackberry it sends an email to the address you type in. This should end up on your Exchnage Server where the Balckberry server will pick it up. the adminisrators account will not have access to this user account so won't pick the mail up. I bet if you look in this users inbox they'll be a load of activation mails from Blackberry.

I would re-install it rather than try and change account - it's no big deal.

Use this URL and you should be fine.

zc_Author Commented:
Thank You very much for your answers! I will try out your suggestions and report my experiences to you.
zc_Author Commented:
Thank You junaidIT. Your solution worked for me and it was the perfect answer to my probelm.

Maybe for some installations it's required to do that:

before recreate the mapi profile.

I guess that UKBerty's solution works also, but as mentioned, I wanted to do that without reinstall BES.
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