How to block user from change Proxy

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How to block users from change Proxy sitting in internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox ?
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It can be done through GPO for IE..
To block the changing of proxy servers through group policy for internet explorer you can find the settings under the following section.

User Settings > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer

You will probably also want to statically set your proxy server info under the following location.
User Settings > Windows Settings > Internet Explorer Maintenance > Connection

As far as mozilla there arent any MS provided ADM templates for this.. So you will need to use a third party ADM file. Somethine like the ones below, but be aware I have never used these so I cant vouch for them.
The policy settings are located in the following locations in the GPO:

First Provide the Proxy setting...
User Settings --> Windows Settings --> Internet Explorer Maintenance --> Connection
Then open the Proxy Settings window and add for port 80.

To Block Proxy setting..
User Settings --> Administrative Templates --> Windows Components --> Internet Explorer
Then set Disable Changing Proxy Settings

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