MSProject Why the resources are in red ?

Hi Experts !

Do you know why the resources are pointed in red accordingly with the picture ?

What is necessary to workaround this ?

Thanks in advance.
Eduardo FuerteAsked:
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dbase118Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The resources are listed red because they are over-allocated. This means that you may have assigned them to multiple tasks at the same time in your schedule. Project assumes that each resource can work 40 hours per week 8 hours a day by default. When you assign a resource to a task it assigns that resource as 100%. If you want a person to work multiple tasks at the same time you need to assign them with a max units less than 100%

If for example you want a person to work on two tasks and complete both in one day. You would assign them to each task at 50%. This gives each task 4 hours of the persons allotted 8 hours in that day. This is done in the resource dialog bog.

Look in your resource usage screen for any day that totals more than 8 hours of work for your resource. This will show you where you need to adjust.
Eduardo FuerteAuthor Commented:
Hello !

That's make all sense since I'm configuring initially the resources without assign start and finish dates (accordingly to someone tip) so the dates to all tasks are very closer one to the another.

Another thing: I didn't configure any precedence. So, after that the "reds" will be normal.

According to better pratices obtained here,  I'm also assign the resources to the low level of the tasks...

Any other suggestions ?

Thanks !
If you havent done your task linking yet, then you can certainly clear up your over-allocations if you make sure your tasks assigned to the same resource do not overlap. But do keep in mind that there will be cases where you will want the same resource to be working multiple tasks simultaneously so the ability to define max units should come in useful.

What do you mean by "assigning resources to the low level of the tasks". Not sure I follow.

If you are looking for general suggestions. The best suggestion I have is adequate planning. Do everything you can to define the entire scope of the project before you actually start. Define all your tasks and consider what resources you have and how those tasks relate to one another.

The three basic componants of any project plan are scope, schedule and resources so if you define those well it will be a good start. After defining everything to the best of your ability, take advantage of the baseline feature to capture the "plan". All changes after that will be compared to the plan so you can monitor planned vs actual. Many times success as a project manager will be judged on how well you anticipated the project events. Also being able to see where things went different than the plan can prove to be valuable lessons learned for future project plans.

Hope this helps.
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Eduardo FuerteAuthor Commented:
The picture explains better what I mean by "assigning resources to the low level of the tasks".
I've hidden the dates (start and finish) to clear the project vision, and then will assign durations to every task.
I really don't know very well the baseline's purpose, could you clear ?
As I obtained here this is visions of the project with low variations, are it ?


OK, I understand what you mean now and yes it is a good idea to assign resources to the lowest task level. In your picture you actually are one level up from lowest. I prefer to assign to each of the individual tasks in a roll-up instead of the roll-up itself.

Baseline is a way to measure how well your project is going according to the plan. After you have defined your projects tasks and schedule and resources, you can save a baseline by going to Tools to  Tracking to Set baseline. After you do that the "plan" is locked and any changes you make to the project will be measured against the baseline.

In the picture I uploaded I created several tasks and saved a baseline. Then I went back and changed the duration of task 2 from 3 days to 4 days. The capture of the Tracking Gantt view shows the baseline in grey and the actual in red so you can see that task 2 took longer than expected and pushed the subsequent tasks further out. The other thing I captured is the Project Stats box. You can get this by going to Project to Project INformation and clicking Statistics. It will show you baseline and actual cost, work, end date. So in this case we see that the 1 day increase in duration equated to a one day delay to finish date with an additional cost of $120 and additional 8 hours of work.
Eduardo FuerteAuthor Commented:
You've cleared a lot the baseline concept for me now..  as soon I had my project stable I will save it to make the baselines (but it will delay a little).

Returning back to what I'm doing now and according to the tips you've mentioned, the way I'm working is:

Since the resources and schedule of the project are closed, my plan is to follow this sequence:

Put all the resources and precedences (don't worring with dates by now - actually that columns are hidden), some tasks have paralelism other with dependencies, as usual.

After I will put durations to every task, I must say that the scheduled duration (hours)  is also "closed" by the owner of the project who has calculated the budget.

So I will put the durations to fit the total hours I have (by now I can't interfere in nothing)

Doing that Am I going in a good path, anything is forgotten or misunderstood ?

(Thank you for your help and patience !)

Based on the limits you have with some things being closed I think it sounds like a reasonable approach. If you run into anything else you can always post another question.
Eduardo FuerteAuthor Commented:
Ok !
 I feel I'm returning here briefly...
We will be here when you need us. Good luck!
Eduardo FuerteAuthor Commented:
Hello, To be fair I'm accepting your solution and going to make another question about hour contabilization, could you reply then ?

Eduardo FuerteAuthor Commented:
It's cleared the point I had doubts.
I will certainly try to offer input if it is something I can answer.
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