Cron.php stops

In Drupal (5) I use Cron.php to send my newsletter, through This has worked for years. Now a few minutes after I start sending a box appears asking me whether I want to open or save Cron.php. The sending seems to have stopped, though I am not sure.
I could call cron again, but I am affraid that my subscribers will receive multiple copies.
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Dave BaldwinConnect With a Mentor Fixer of ProblemsCommented:
PHP has a setting called "maximum_execution_time" that applies to PHP run thru the webserver and the default value is 30 seconds.  phpinfo() can show you what it is.  Maybe your mailing list program is running too long and being shutdown.  That's also a fair size mailing list.  None of my webhosts would be happy about me sending out that many emails, especially at one time.  Is there any way to break it into smaller pieces and send them at different times?  Like send A-C and some time later send D-F and so on.

You might want to 'Request Attention" and get the Drupal experts involved here also.

This seems to me like a PHP problem.
For example when you do not have PHP properly configured through Apache and you try to run a php script the same thing happens: you get an open/save window for that script.

Try to verify the settings for your server to see if they are correct.

Another option is to cancel the previous cron job and to create a new one.

Take a look here for help on how to do that:

Good luck,
TheoRichelAuthor Commented:
Thanks but I am on a shared host. I have configured nothing. I wouldnt know where to look to verify something. The only change i can think of is that the mysql mailinglist (11.000) is too long. That is relatively new, for the rest my Drupal setup and the sever setup afaik are unchanged for a long time. I could change some php-settings though, if i knew which.
TheoRichelAuthor Commented:
Thank you. My Max execution time is set to 3000 do not know what units.
TheoRichelAuthor Commented:
I agree that it looks like my mailing list is too large. A smaller one does not give this problem. Nevertheless it remains unclear what really happens.
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